Community Services

License Plate Renewal

Chillicothe Public Library District is pleased to offer Illinois license plate sticker renewals as a
service for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. In just a few minutes, we can process your
renewal and provide you with a new sticker.

This service is generally available every day the Library is open, until 15 minutes before closing.
However, we recommend calling (309-274-2719) to ensure we’re able to process renewals at
your desired time.

What to Bring

  • Your Illinois Vehicle Registration renewal notice sent by the Secretary of State, current registration card, or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Your current driver’s license or ID
    • Please note: if you do not have a valid driver’s license, we will not be able to process your renewal

Vehicles Covered:

B-Truck, C-Truck, Motorcycle, Passenger, and Person with Disabilities

Cost & Service Fees (as of August 2023):

  • Standard renewal sticker $151
  • Personalized plate renewals $158
  • Vanity plate renewals $164

Please note: There is a third-party processing fee of $9.00 added to each renewal transaction.

Payment Methods

Cash is the only form of accepted payment at this time.

Voter Registration

While you can always register to vote online, our Deputy Registrar is happy to help you through the process in person, either using one of our computer stations to submit online or by using a mail-in registration form. Registration typically takes about 5 minutes.

When registering using a mail-in form, you will need to bring two forms of identification from this acceptable forms of ID list. If registering online, you will need:

  • Your Illinois Drivers License or Illinois State ID number
  • The date the license or ID was issued
  • The last four digits of social security number
  • Your birth date.

In addition to registering to vote for the first time, if you’ve moved you’ll need to re-register in order to change your address. More information on voting registration can be found here.

Notary Public

The library has several Notaries Public on staff. At least one is usually available at any given time, but appointments are recommended to be sure someone is available when you visit!

Seed Library

Have you seen the old-fashioned card catalog near the reference desk? It no longer holds records for books, but it does contain the essences of hundreds of other kinds of stories: seeds. Seeds carry with them not only their cultural history, but also the information to grow, produce more seeds, and adapt to new environments. You can become part of their story! Learn more

Honey Bees

Pollinators around the world are in a state of decline due to loss of habitat, pesticide use, climate change, parasites, and diseases. Among these vulnerable pollinators are honey bees. Though not native to the United States, honey bees have become crucial to pollinating many of our crops: 80% of all flowering plants and over 130 food crops are pollinated by honey bees. And, of course, they produce honey! Check out the Illinois Pollinators website for more information about the relationship between insect and plant life.

In an effort to support the honey bee population and provide educational opportunities to the community, we are working together with Riverview Road Apiary to maintain a honey bee hive on our patio. The City of Chillicothe was also instrumental in this process, adopting a special resolution allowing the library to have a hive.

Check out our calendar for any upcoming bee themed programming, and stop in to see the hive for yourself anytime!

Explore More Illinois

Explore More Illinois

Explore More Illinois is a free service provided by the library that provides instant online access to free and discounted tickets to museums, science centers, sporting events, zoos, park districts, theatres, and other fun and local cultural venues. Simply follow this link to the Explore More portal and enter your library card and PIN to get started

Home Delivery

Our free Home Delivery Service brings books, audiobooks, and more directly to patrons unable to visit the library due to disability or illness, or because they are caring for a family member. We serve senior communities, nursing homes, community living facilities, and the homebound. All you need is a valid library card.

Call us at 309-274-2719 to connect with our home delivery coordinator, or download the Home Delivery Service flyer for more information.

Test Proctoring

Chillicothe Public Library District offers proctoring services free of charge. Students are responsible for the coordination between their school or university and the library. Please read the policies below to check whether the library’s service limitations for proctoring fit the needs of your exam.

You must schedule exam proctoring at least two weeks in advance of the test date. Please make an appointment by emailing or calling 309-274-2719.

The student will:

  • Verify the testing institution will allow the library to proctor
  • Schedule an appointment according to institutional guidelines & requirements
  • Allow enough time before the deadline to complete and return the exam
  • Come prepared. Know what you can and cannot have with you on exam day
  • Bring appropriate photo ID to the library on the scheduled exam day
  • Provide postage and mailing supplies if not provided by the school
  • Call the library during inclement weather to verify appointment availability

The library can:

  • Proctor exams for individual students who have made appointments in advance
  • Serve as delivery and return point for mailed, emailed, or faxed exams
  • Proctor both online exams via web-based applications and paper-based exams.
  • Certify that the student has taken an exam according to instructions
  • Return the completed exam via any prepaid method

The library cannot:

  • Accommodate requests for walk-in or unscheduled proctoring
  • Guarantee test date rescheduling without advanced notice
  • Provide a staff member to continuously monitor the exam
  • Verify the correct exam materials have been received by the library
  • Clarify procedural questions or instructions on behalf of the school or instructor
  • Grade exams
  • Guarantee completed exams will be received by a specific deadline
  • Download or install software on library computers for test proctoring