Workforce Development Center

Northstar Digital Literacy

Northstar Digital Literacy defines basic skills needed to use computers and the internet. Northstar offers free digital assessment and learning materials for those interested in learning how to improve their digital skills. They also offer certificates for passing assessments when taken at an approved testing location; these certificates provide an important credential for employment in our digital world. Chillicothe Public Library is an approved location and proctoring is available for anyone who wishes to complete assessment!

O*NET OnLine

O*NET OnLine is a a job-finding and career help resource that can help one find jobs that fit their interests, skills, and experience, see which careers are growing currently, learn what it takes to get their dream job, and more. Developed with the U.S Department of Labor by the National Center for O*NET development, O*NET OnLine allows you to search its database to find all sorts of occupational information!

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. With more than 5,000 courses and personalized recommendations, you can discover, complete, and track courses related to your field and interests. Sign in using your library card and start learning!

Illinois Department of Employment Security

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is the code department of the Illinois state government that administers state unemployment benefits, runs the employment service and Illinois Job Bank, and publishes labor market information. The IDES administers the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, provides employment services to employers and job seekers throughout Illinois, and provides employment and wage data for research and the development of sound public workforce policy.

Illinois Jobs Link

Illinois Jobs Link is the state’s “help wanted” internet job board, managed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Job seekers can use it to look for work and post their resumes, and employers can use it to post job openings free of charge as well as search the resume database. Illinois Jobs Link includes a resume builder and the Resunate tool, which scores resume against specific help wanted ads and offers suggestions on how to improve your resume.

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

IDCEO’s Office of Employment and Training provides assistance and resources for job seekers via a multitude of programs and services. Pursue apprenticeship, check out their jobPrep mobile app,visit their workNet for virtual job fairs, and more!

Got Resume Builder

Got Resume Builder helps you write and lay out your resume, complete with writing tips, examples, and templates. While this free service does require an email address to make an account, you can manage multiple resumes to help you tailor your experience to specific job listings. Once created, you can download your resume as a PDF, a Word doc, and even HTML!

ICC Career Coach

ICC Career Coach helps you find education and careers based off of your interests and skills. Take their career assessment and browse various careers and programs to find the right job for you.

ICC College Central Network

ICC’s College Central Network is available to all students and alumni. Search for, save, and apply for job listings and upload a resume for notifications on job opportunities that match your skillset. You can also take advantage of their podcasts for resume building tips, job search advice, and more.

Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce Network

The Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of local business job listings.