Seed Library

Providing the community with a source of open-pollinated seeds that citizens can grow, save, and plant again.

Launched in February 2017, our seed library provides free garden seeds for the use of our community. Those who “check out” seeds are encouraged to save seeds from the varieties they grow, and return some to the library in order to share them with others and maintain the vitality of the collection.

New for 2021: We’ve created an online inventory and seed request form, so that you can browse from the comfort and safety of your home. When you request seeds, we will pack them up for you to pick up at the library.

Using the Seed Library

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

Borrow: Visit the library to select the seeds you would like to plant, and stop by the front desk to let library staff know how many varieties you are checking out. Or, browse our collection online and submit a seed request form.

Grow: Follow the planting instructions, get your hands dirty, and have fun!

Save: Make sure to observe the seed-saving guidelines for your particular variety. When seed is mature, harvest, dry, and store it for use next season.

Return: Please consider returning some of your saved seed to the library to be shared with the community again next season. Please make sure to follow carefully the seed-saving guidelines for your particular varieties to ensure that the seeds we offer through the library remain true-to-type and viable for future planting. Thank you!

Contributing to the Seed Library

When you return or donate seeds, please label them with the following information:

1) variety name (common & Latin names, if available)

2) year harvested

3) your name

4) your phone and/or email

5) any other relevant info (ex., if seed was not originally obtained from our seed library, include a detailed description of the plant—where you got the seeds, planting conditions, growth habit, fruit/flowers, etc.)


  • If you bring in seed from varieties obtained from outside of our seed library, please ensure that they are not hybrids. Hybrids will not grow true-to-type in future generations.
  • If you suspect the seeds you saved for the library may have been cross-pollinated, diseased, etc., please let us know. We won’t think any less of you, but we need know this so we can keep our seed pool as healthy as possible.


New to seed-saving or gardening? Got a green thumb but want to dig in deeper? Stop by the library or see below for all your seed-y resources!


The Seed Garden, by Micaela Colley

Browse our collection of gardening books here, or visit the library and look in the Non-Fiction section for the 635 call numbers.

Online Resources

Seed Savers Exchange – Extensive and user-friendly information to expand your gardening and seed saving know-how with helpful garden tips, how-to guides, and more.

We’re grateful for seed donations from Seed Savers ExchangeBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and Hudson Valley Seed Company, and