Herbarium: A Library for Plants

Forest Park Nature Center, which holds a collection of thousands of preserved plant specimens, many collected in the late 1800s through the mid 1900s by Virginius Chase, a botanist from Peoria Heights, IL. Herbariums can be critical to understanding an area’s ecology, past and present, in a time of rapid change and habitat destruction.

This exhibit, curated by Forest Park Nature Center, will be on display at the library March 8 – May 1. You can enjoy these videos as a virtual docent tour here on our website, or via QR codes as you browse the exhibit in person.

Herbarium: A Library for Plants
Behind the Scenes: The Herbarium at Forest Park Nature Center
Black Raspberry
Canada Wild Rye
Purple Milkweed
Wild White Indigo
Woodland Phlox
Virginius H. Chase
DIY Herbarium Specimens
Black Maple
Blue Ash
Chinquapin Oak
Joe Pye Weed
Showy Goldenrod