Mindfulness and Meditation with Soulside Healing Arts. Free virtual workshops at noon on November 2, 9 and 16.

De-stress and re-center during these live, virtual noon-time sessions with Hannah Ramlo of Soulside Healing Arts. You’ll learn the benefits and science behind each set of techniques and gather tips to incorporate breath, movement, and meditation into your daily life.

The passcode for all three Zoom events is 988070.

11/2 – Breath Practice Practice calming and invigorating breathing techniques, understand breath as the foundation of yoga practice, and learn breathing techniques to alleviate stress, practice presence, and feel more clear-headed. Attend this Zoom event at bit.ly/3jp6QNb.

11/9 – Mindful Movement. Link breath to movement in postures that can alleviate common tensions, and learn a set of holistic movements and stretches that can be practiced daily for sustained mobility and decreased tension. Attend this Zoom event at bit.ly/36n7Qh4.

11/16 – Meditation. Gather tips for starting a meditation practice and participate in a group meditation experience. Attend this Zoom event at bit.ly/3jqM3sn.