Business Services


The library charges the following unit fees for self-service FAX:

  • Domestic FAX:  25¢ per page
  • International FAX:  $4.00 per page


The library charges the following unit fees for self-service photocopies:

  • Black and white copies:  10¢ per page
  • Color copies:  50¢ per page

Notaries Public

The purpose of notarization is to prevent fraud and forgery. A notary acts as an official and unbiased witness to the identity of persons who comes before the notary for a specific purpose.

  • Please do not sign your documents before you come to the library. We are required to see you sign your documents.
  • Each person signing the document must be present for us to notarize that signature.
  • An ID with your signature is required so that we can verify your identity. PLEASE NOTE:Under recent changes in state law, the ID must be issued by a state or federal government agency and must bear the photographic image of the individual’s face and signature.
    • Examples of acceptable IDs issued by a state or federal government agency with both a photographic image and signature are a valid state driver’s license or ID card, a United States military ID, or valid passport.
    • Examples of IDs we cannot accept are Social Security cards, a United States passport card, or University of Illinois IDs that do not bear a photographic image or signature.
  • Some documents require one or more witnesses. If your document requires witnesses as well as your own signature and notarization, please plan to bring with you a sufficient number of people willing to serve as your witnesses.
  • The library cannot notarize government I-9 forms or Cook County deeds, nor can we provide an Apostille.

A notary public is almost always available whenever the library is open. Please call 309-274-2719 if you have any questions.

There is no fee for notary services.

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