Borrowing & Fees

Loan Periods, Limits, and Fines

Item TypeCheck out PeriodLimitFines per day per item
Books2 weeksNone*15 cents
CDs and Audio Books2 weeks5$1.00
Magazine2 weeks515 cents
DVDs and Bluray1 week5$1.00
Videogames and Board Games**1 week2$1.00
Equipment**1 week1$1.00

*A total of 50 items may be checked out at any one time.
**Equipment and board games may not be renewed.

All items subject to a 3-renewal limit unless otherwise specified.

Fines accumulate up to the replacement cost of the item, at which time the item is billed as lost.

You can renew items at the circulation desk, by calling the library at 309-274-2719, or by accessing your account online. Except for board games and equipment, any item may be renewed unless it is requested by another borrower.

You will not be able to check out any items if there are fees higher than $5.00 on your account.

Interlibrary Loan

Chillicothe Public Library District cardhholders can use interlibrary loan (ILL) to borrow books and articles from outside of  RSACat.

Any costs associated with an ILL request will be charged to the patron. Renewals for ILL items cannot be done online because we must contact the owning library. Please call us at 309-274-2719 if you would like to renew these items.

Late fees for books loaned from outside the RSACat are 50¢ per day.




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