NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition

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ProQuest is the exclusive worldwide distributor of NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition, an online database that provides searchable access to 400 hundred years of local historical newspapers dating back to the 17th century. Every part of every page is searchable, including valuable local articles, advertisements, editorials, classified ads, and obituaries. The full collection of NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition contains nearly 200 million digitized pages of content from over 7,400 newspapers throughout North America, the UK, and other select countries worldwide.

NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition complements the ProQuest Historical Newspaper program by providing library users with easy online access to local historical newspaper content. This service provides researchers with greater opportunities for longitudinal and comparative analysis of historical events and people, and is a great source of information for genealogists.

The massive NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition database has been packaged to meet any library’s budgetary and research needs. Libraries can subscribe to the entire database, state collections, national collections, or individual titles. In addition, ProQuest is pleased to offer libraries the choice of purchasing a perpetual archive license, or subscription access.


-Click Here to Visit the ProQuest NewspaperARCHIVE Library Edition-

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