Board Games

How to Play

Players must borrow games from (and return them to) the Chillicothe Public Library. They are not available for pickup at other libraries.

  • Check out two games at a time
  • One week loan period
  • No Renewals
  • $1 late fee per day if a game is returned overdue
  • You may be charged  the full price of a game if pieces are lost or damaged

Why Does the Library Have Board Games?

Strategy games are growing in popularity. While classics like Monopoly teach math skills, Scrabble spelling and vocabulary, and so on, strategy games take it to the next level by requiring long-term planning, team work, and honing strategic thought. Plus, they’re fun!


Strategy games encourage in-person interaction, and people from any background can learn the rules and play a game together.

Can I Suggest Games to Add to the Collection?

Yes! The Library welcomes suggestions (and feedback) from the community to continue cultivating a game collection that fits the needs and interests of our community. Please send your inquiries, comments, and suggestions to

What Games do you Have? Can I Donate Games?

You can find our collection on our Board Game Geek page, along with lists of games we might want. We are open to donations of any game in good and playable condition!

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