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Across the country, public libraries are taking the initiative to lead their communities down a path where the grass is not only greener, but is replaced by a verdant biodiversity of veggies, fruit, flowers, and herbs that bring delight (not to mention delicious food and good exercise) to those who plant them, eat from them, and watch them grow. In 2011, the Chillicothe Public Library took its role as a leader in the quest for a healthier, more sustainable and community-oriented society to another level by establishing a garden on library grounds [read about our roots here!]. Anyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy the garden, help out with garden care, and participate in our garden-related programs and events.

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Art in the Garden
Visit the library garden any time during the month of July, and make a piece of art using your unique perspective and whatever media you prefer (pencils, camera, markers, watercolors, pastels, etc.). When it’s done, bring it by the library for us to photograph, or take a photo yourself and email it to We’ll put all the images together into a summery splash celebrating nature’s amazing shapes, colors, and patterns!

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